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Re: Undiagnosed Symptoms- Anyone have this?

HI so sorry to hear about your problems.i havent had these problems but i have an idea what your going through,i live in uk and have been under a nuerologist for nearley 10 years doctors were treating me for m.s i was in and out of hospital having intrevenace steroids then they said my MRI was normal and thought i had sarcoidosis but since then i have dry eye and mouth and virgina i have been to see a maxofacial doctor and he said it looks like sjogrens but all blood tests were normal as i thought.untill i demanded my medical records which show something wrong smooth muscle antibodies abnormal and also one of my brain scans did show abnormal and that is why they gave me more steroids they dont tell you everything i wouldnt have found out untill i demanded the records in uk you are entitled to them.hope you find something out as it makes you think that you must be causing it yourself please read my other symptoms on my problems on negative blood on sjogrens post thanks