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Re: Costochondritis

Thanks for the replies! I'll have to do that search.

I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I spend most of the time hypo but have periodic flare-ups of hyper. It's been a long two years! I got sick Dec. 2003 with the flu and never got better...the achiness, malaise, etc...just got worse and symptoms slowly added on. I started treatment with thyroid meds in April and was officially diagnosed by an endo in August.

I'm finally feeling better (still a long ways from normal though). I take thyroid meds, sleep meds, hormonal contraceptives/progesterone supplements and pain meds as needed though to feel this way. I also take a few herbal supplements, a prenatal and extra cal/mag.

The costo is a bear for sure! It hurts to laugh or cough (I have a cold right now and have been trying to suppress the cough as much as possible!). Straining or stretching is painful too. These conditions are just so bizarre! I never dreamed that the cartilage at the tips of your ribcage could ever develop isolated inflammation and pain unless injured! It just kind of comes on injury or just appears.

Just one more thing to chalk up to my every growing list of weird symptoms.

Love and Prayers, Kelly