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Re: Question about joint pain?

Dear Glojer,

If you are able to let us know how your appointment went, would you please? I worry about you because of all that is going on with you and your wonderful husband at the moment. I hope you are managing to keep well.

I know it is a perhaps not the thing to do because of your situation but may I ask you a question? Do you know anything about thyroid cysts? My cyber friend who also has lupus has just been diagnosed with one of these and she has been told it will get bigger. Is surgery normally performed if it gets a lot bigger? Or can drugs bring it down to a manageable size? She has an enlarged thyroid gland too on the same side. The thing is she is so frightened of surgery. She has an intense phobia of having a general anaesthetic, so any information I can get for her with regard to treatment of this will be good for her. She was told yesterday to go home and not let it worry her, easy to say for those who haven't got the problem isn't it?

Sorry to put more on your shoulders, but you are the only one I know with thyroid problems.

Take care my friend.

I am not a medical doctor, I only speak from my own experience of the illnesses I discuss here.

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