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My first relationship (kind of long)

Well after 20 lonely years and struggle with getting girls I finally have my first girlfriend (about time). Im obviously new to the way long term relationships work out and I have actually been stressing alot over it but I would just like some advice since almost all of you are in some type of relationship and im not sure what really to expect at first. Everything seems to be ok but maybe I hyped it up more than it actually is because I still feel like "is this it?".

We have only been going out for around 2 weeks or so now but I have known her for 2 years. Maybe its early and becuase I never had a relationship before I am reading to much into it. We talk everyday and text alot. She will tell me she misses me sometimes and asks me if i miss her and all this. It seems to be alright but we never spend alot of time together. I have been working alot lately and try and find time to see her but its hard sometimes. Only thing that has me concerned and htis is where I need help is that I always see couples all happy together and ALWAYS going out and doing stuff together but we really dont. I probably see her 2 times a week maybe. The other day her friend called from orlando which is 45 min away from me and asked her to go over there for the night so they could go out. She texted me and asked if she could go or if I wanted to see her so she would stay. I said I would have liked to see her but told her it was ok if she wanted to. So she really didnt make much of an argument which kind of suprised me because I would have thought that she would have wanted to be with me. So she left and spent the night there. She called me the next day and I talked to her about hanging out or something when she got back on sunday but she told me that she didnt feel like driving back so far and it was raining or whatever so she was just going to stay another night.Just last night also I asked what she was doing hopefully I could see her after work and she said she was going to her friend amandas.She asked why and I said I thought we could hang out after I got out of work but its cool just go. She then asked if I was mad and not to say its cool if thats not how I really feel. I told her I wasnt mad but In reality was kind of upset, though I didnt tell her. I didnt want to tell her no I want to see you and make her feel bad like she has to see me now and ditch her friends. I feel if I tell her that I wanted to spend more time with her and shes always with her friends that she will go out only because she feels bad and not because she wants to.

Maybe its just me feeling like we should always be together is my problem because I am new to relationships and we have only been dating for 2 weeks or so. I just felt like she just really didnt care to see me even though she would text me throughout the night that she missed me and called me a few times. I guess for the most part since we just started going out that everything is good but I figured that when people first get together that they want to spend alot of time together and everything and we dont see each other alot. I would appreciate it from those in long term relationships to give me some advice even though it might be hard to explain as to what kind of goes on during relationships and how much time should we spend together because I dont want to ALWAYS be together but I think I would like to see her a bit more. Any relationship advice would be appreciated. I would just really like this to work out and Im afraid I might mess something up becuase it is hard for me to find girls. Please help

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