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Re: My first relationship (kind of long)

Hi, Ken (Fellow Floridian)

I hope you get some other responses, but if you miss her, she tells/texts you that she misses you, why not just let her know you'd like to see her a little more often? Back when I was dating my hubby (15 years ago), we scheduled dates. Is this not done anymore? When your date is over, say, on a Saturday night, maybe just say, "Hey, whatcha doing on Tuesday night? Let's catch a movie or grab a bite to eat at the new eatery." Firm it up a little, you know? If you haven't seen her in a couple days, give her a buzz and say, "Let's do dinner day after tomorrow," or something like this depending on both of your schedules.

Maybe things are falling through because you both are kind of waiting until the last minute to see if the other is available (in some cases). I mean, I do understand plans change at the last minute and work schedules can be hectic, but I just remember when my hubby and I were dating, that when a date was over, we'd pretty much firmed up plans for the next one. Times may have changed, tho

Best Wishes