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Re: Anyone Want To Play Connect The Dots With My Problems?


i can relate in some ways too. im quite antisocial and enjoy spending alot of time on my own.....i have mild agraphobia and dont leave the house unless i really have mam says to me that she doesnt know how i can just stay in the house and that this is probably the reason for my depression, which im on meds for, but i know being in the house isnot the reason. i enjoy staying in, i feel safe in here and dont get stressed. i get stressed really easy.
i dont see being antisocial as odd.....its just the way some ppl are, alot of ppl enjoy peace and quiet.

i dont work either, i have always hated every job iv had, theyve made me so miserable in the past, and although id really love more cash for me i feel its better to have the time untill i find something id enjoy doing.

snoring and other ppls breathing really irritates me at night and i cant get to sleep in the same room as someone else, i have to be alone........
this does cause problems, i have a boyf. and i cant sleep in the same bed as him and it makes me feel so bad, but when i do i just lye in bed awake all night stressed and frustrated and then am all grumpy and stressed the next day through lack of sleep....ppl who dont have these issues just dont understand and it can be very hard sometimes, say if i have to stay in a hotel room with someone.

i have very little confidence and quite low self esteem, i am going to change this though. im in counselling

how old are you by the way?