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Re: 1 Year Later (sore eye muscles, double vision, headaches, pressure)

hey hating glasses! I talked to you a long time ago, think i was on the piercedlip81 name then maybe? I dunno, either way...the eyepatch thing may work. It just sucks being 20/20 left which is perfect, then 20/15 on the right eye. I call my right eye my cyborg eye hah. but maybe that would work with the patch. How often does/did he wear it? I wonder if it would help it become stronger, or put more stress on it? Did a doctor tell him to do this , or he do it on his own? kind of makes sense though.

I was reading online about the eye exercise stuff, and how people did them and were able to increase their eyesight! Maybe I could just strengthen my eye muscles enough to make the left eye keep up better I hope!

Another thing is sometimes i feel like i have that droopy eye thing going on with the left eye...Because sometimes it looks like it does hang a little lower, but maybe cause its more stressed out. I dunno though....

Lemme know about the patch, I may wanna try that!