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Re: Degenerative Disc Disease.....

Hello there rabbitbunnies Welcome.
So you have DDD too huh? When were you diagnosed or how long have you had it? Have you had any MRI studies done?
I have had this since my mid 20's. It's going on 12yrs now. It's only gotten worse. I have morning stiffness and deep bone pain. The deep bone pain is in my lower L-5/S1 area which is the most SEVERE. That disc is amlost completely desicated. I'm currently awaiting total disk replacement at this time. I also have some DDD about my L-2,3 and 4 area. As well as my T-10 area. I also have early Multi level DDD in my C-spine. As well as nerve degeneration at my C-6/7 level. I can tell you from experience that the signs would be morning stiffness that last more than a few hours, that does not dissapear as the day progresses. If you have back pain that worsens in the evening. Or pain that is not relieved by OTC meds : Tylenol, Motrin, Ibuphropin. Also if you do any sort of stretching that does not help or hurts you then..PLEASE speak to your doctor immediately! Also if you experience any type of radicularpathy as well. Sometimes DDD is associated with Sciatic problems as well as Sacroiliac Joint problems. Mostly I can say that DDD effects the lower spine. The neck being in second place. Lastly I must say that if you have had an MRI study and it was inconclusive...ask your doctor about a Mylogram or discogram. Especially if you are in any extreme pain. Take my word for it. I wish I HAD!! Mine wouldn't have progressed to the point it is now. Neither test are pleasant but they are extremely ACCURATE!!!
I hope you are getting some treatment for your DDD. I try a hot bath because I don't have access to a heated pool. Which by the way is EXCELLENT because it's non wieght baring on the joints. Good luck and keep me posted on how you are.