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Re: Degenerative Disc Disease.....

Hi rabbitbunnies...
I was diagnosed with DDD in summer of 2004 after having back problems for years. I did the chiropractor route before I had a diagnosis, which only made me worse. Therapy that involved a lot of stretching put me in a lot of pain. I tried yoga too, but my muscles would go into spasms. I have an ache in my lower back and a deep burning that has gotten considerably better in the last few months. I have to be very careful about which way I bend...the lower back muscles can really go into spasms. No OTC meds work for the burning pain...I take Norco for that. For me, surgery is a last result....I've had 2 epidural injections...the first one really helped, but the second one just made things worse. By the way, I had a discogram that gave me a diagnosis. The MRI didn't show how much the discs were dessicated.

Good luck and take care.