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Re: 1 Year Later (sore eye muscles, double vision, headaches, pressure)

You were Piercedlip back then. I do remember you!

As for the patch, my hubby uses it every day and has for as long as I have known him...going on 9 years. But, if you do use the patch, it may not be a lifetime thing for you since your problem is in your sight. Since his has to do with a lazy eye, his is a different reason all together to need every day. As far as whether his doctor told him to use a patch, I don't know. He is a little sensitive about his eyes so, I don't ask too many questions.

Fortunately, the patches are really inexpesive so, if you get one and it ends up not working for you, you didn't pay more for it like you would for a pair of glasses with one lense or one contact. Just consider trying it for a few months. It may not even take that long to fix it if it can. My eyesight is slightly varied from each other as well but, I don't notice it too much. Only now and then when I am thinking about.

Hehehehe about the Cyborg eye! You could also call it your Eagle Eye!

Anyway, another thing with the patch is that my hubby only wears it when he is in the house watching tv, reading a book or on the computer. He doesn't have to wear it in public or even all day. So, if you were worried that it is something you need to wear all the time until the problem is fixed, don't! Just wear it when you feel like it.

And, you may talk to your doctor to see if he or she thinks that a patch may help. But, you never know what they might say so, you may just give it a shot for a little while. It can't hurt.

Take care and let me know of your progress Cyborg! Hehehehe!