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Help needed...

I need your advice before I do something I might regret. A little background. I've been dating this guy for about 6 weeks now and I do like him although I'm starting to realize he is not emotionally available. I'm not too high up there on his priority list I think. The last three times we had plans he either canceled or completely blew me off. No call, no nothing.

Last Thursday we had made plans to get together. I was even planning on spending the night at his house (he lives about an hour from my house) and this would have been the first time we spent the night together. I'm all ready to leave and I get a call saying he can't do it; can't get a sitter for his son. Haven't heard from him in 3 days until this afternoon, I get an email from him. He wants to know what I'm doing Wednesday; wants me to come over and be sure to "pack an over night bag." I understand the sitter problem and that's not what is bothering me. This is the third time in a row he's canceled. One time, he totally left me hanging. No phone call. No nothing. I'm offended by his email. What kind of person does he think I am? I don't have casual sex. I think it's a huge step in a relationship and as far as I'm concerned, we don't have a relationship. Am I overeacting? I have this long email all written out and ready to send telling him how I feel. Should I confront him? Should I even respond to his email? Should I just let it go? He really didn't even ask me out for a date. It's was basically "come over and have sex with me!"

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