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Re: Help needed...

No, I do not think you are overeacting at all. Anyone who makes plans with you and then completely blows you off, not calling or apologizing or anything, is a real cad. They are only thinking about themselves. It sounds like this guy just wants you to be available for his convenience.

I would definetly write back to him, or call him, whatever, and let him know that you do not feel comfortable spending the night with him yet. Six weeks isn't that long to be dating someone, let alone sleeping with them. I'd tell him if he wants to see me, then he can take me out to dinner and a movie (or play, concert, what have you).

Please don't fall all over yourself trying to accomodate this guy. Make it clear that you have your own life and can't plan it around him. He's going to have to work a heck of a lot harder if he wants to be with you, cause he sure doesn't seem to be doing too great of a job so far. I'd let him know that.