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Re: Help needed...

Hello Red!! I am so sorry I have not been on much this month .. anyway..
Some guys are clueless .. honestly when he said to pack an overnight bag maybe he was implying that he wanted to have you all night to himself because you have not been able to spend alot of time together.

My boyfriend is kind of clueless too but honestly he means well. Also, with you always coming to visit him .. he may not know that it is bugging you that you do all the driving unless you tell him .. hey I just got this great movie come over and watch it with me .. I'll make you dinner and you can see my christmas tree or whatever ..

Sometimes we expect guys to KNOW things and they just dont. You have to ask, and I wouldnt asume that he wants you to spend the night to get some .. uh .. action ... but in your reply just mention that his couch is comfy and you are happy to stay the night there .. on the couch ... or something like that.

I wish you all the best ...
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