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Re: Degenerative Disc Disease.....

Dee and calliesmom, I'm in the same boat with you as well. There are some times that I can't even roll over in bed because of my back. If I arch it just the wrong way, I just cringe in pain. The L-5 is almost completely gone. It's rubbing bone on bone. I have NO narcs that get rid of my pain. Also, rabbit bunnies if you have any more questions or want to vent feel free. I've been there have the t-shirt....believe me after 12yrs of this, it doesn't get any better. Also, you never really build up a tollerance either. I've had multiple treatments and meds and NOTHING helps anymore. I just don't know WHAT to do. I'm suposed to have a total disk replacement because they can't fuse. Too much DDD. Plus the Osteopenia in my lower spine. The bone density is to low. I too can't even do the stretching or yoga. It's an effert just to lean over the sink to brush my teeth on most days. PT only made it worse. Traction is REALLY bad! I've had ESI's, steroid injections, pool therapy, muscle relaxers, narcs, tens unit, heat, ice, manipulation, ultra sound...etc. etc...
Nothing is helping anymore. I'm with charliecat31 and calliesmom. Please keep me posted on how you are. PLEASE remember that you live in your body every day and know it better than anyone. Don't let any doctor try to railroad you into something you have already tried that you know doesn't work for you. Speak up for yourself. After all you have to live in your body, not them. Take care