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Re: Degenerative Disc Disease.....

[QUOTE=charliecat31] I am a fellow sufferer of DDD. L3-L4, L4-L5 and L5-L6. I've also got some bulges and tears. I've had MRI's, CAT Scans, PT (made it worse), Epidurals (helped for a couple of weeks), IDET (two levels, both failed), numerous oral meds, 3 Discograms and have been told by a surgeon that my discs are too bad and there are too many for me to be a candidate for fusion surgery. My last option was to have an implanted pump put in that delivers morphine straight to my spine. It's been helpful enough to get me off oxycontin, but I still take oral narcotics for pain 3-4 times a day, sleeping pills, muscle relaxors and an antidepressant.

I'm in so much pain on a daily basis that most of my time is spent in bed or a recliner. I can't drive because of the pain and the meds and have to rely on my husband, friends and family if I want to go anywhere. I was finally granted Permanant Total Disability from W. Comp this past spring and am still waiting on a hearing for Social Security. It's been a very long 6+ years, but I've come to accept that this is my life, for better or worse.

I have pain in my low back, butt, left leg down to the calf, my toes curl on my left foot. The pain varies from dull to achy, sharp, burning, bruised feeling, etc. I can't sit for long, can't stand or walk for long.

Has your doctor given you any options of what to do? If I can answer any questions or offer any advice or you just need to vent, let me know.

Take care,
Dee[/QUOTE] Dee . wow . Thanks for the postYou sound very nice I hope you get to feel some better .Do u play games online if u do I can send u a pogo thing if interesrted