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Re: Degenerative Disc Disease.....

I agree with carol632. I've been told soooooooo MANY times that it's just something I'm going to have to just live with or that I'm not getting any younger. Younger my butt, I'm only 36! I'm not all that surprised that your meds don't work. Your body builds up a tollarence. Not only that, DDD is not really an inflamatory disease. Your disks are detereorating. There is NO drug in the world that is going to help with that pain. My pain doctor suggested putting me on Methodone. ...but not before speaking with the staff Pyshcologist first. They don't want you to become addicted. This med is actually used to get people off of heroine that are addicted to it. So, you can see their point...I guess. Anyway, they decided not to put me on it because they wanted me to continue to try and do stretching, walking and other meds. I just couldn't. I DON'T seem to get what part of " I CAN'T DO THAT BECAUSE IT HURTS"!!!!!...that they don't get. Does anyone else feel the same way or have been down this road too? Hang in there rabbitbunnies. We are ALL wishing you the best. If you decide to seak a 2nd opininion (which I'm hoping you do), let us know.