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Re: 1 Year Later (sore eye muscles, double vision, headaches, pressure)

i hate it because mornings and thru mid day my eyes are bad somewhat fuzzy/irritated still.

like from 9am-5pm they are irritating, somewhat of a headache, and i load em with drops thru the morning with liquigel.

By the time 9pm rolls around I feel great and lose mostly all fuzzyness/offbalance feeling.

My night time vision is superb! I can soo really good, like a rainy night I can see every way in the road and the reflections of lights on the ground is amazing.

I wonder sometimes if im not too sensitive to light and the night time my eyes work better and the drops set in.

Sometimes i also wonder if I have droopy eyelid on the left eye. Sometimes it seems to hang a little, but only on certain days. Maybe its just the days it strains more it hangs. I dunno if that'd effect eyesight though....