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Re: CFS and having surgery/giving blood

Originally Posted by Natalie00
For a random question..

I have CFS and was wondering, if I (or any person) had to end up having surgery (for whatever reason) would I be more prone to infection?Have a longer recovery time? Be at greater risk for complication from anesthesia?
Also, is there any research about people with CFS giving blood/donating organs? (no, I am not planning on doing either! but was wondering anyways).
I wondered the same, recently...decided it would not be wise for me to be a donor of blood, bc of the cellular blood level viruses, along with the symptoms showing adrenal dysfunction, CNS dysfunction, kidney and liver issues, and immune system issues, tho, I did put on my CDL organ donor years ago, I'm thinking at this point in my life, I should change my mind, this would pass on th the person it was donated to. uvm 'good question'