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Re: Do the meds docs prescribe take anxiety/ panic attacks away forever?

Mjewell, that's interesting about the mental health quizzes. What kind of questions do they ask? I wish my dr. used that approach. He still prescribes the alprazolam because he thinks even though ad's may work at reducing the amt. of anxiety and panic attacks, you can still have breakthrough anxiety and the alprazolam is for that. I can't you have anxiety only or panic disorder too? I think your dr's approach is good because then you don't have to waste so much time trying an antidepressant to see if it will work. My dr. still loves the zoloft and just keeps wanting to up the dose when I say I don't think it's working. He did that with other meds also. He also said maybe we were running out of options and I should see a counselor, but I've already done the CBT and it works, but not right in the middle of a panic attack!