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Re: benefits for caregivers?


I understand what you said about gov. helping paying for parental care, but if they could come up with some incentives or some help at all, because it does cost them also heavily doesn't it when elderly are put in homes on Medicaid? If there was a program to offset that and make it more helpful for working families to give the care they want to their parents, I think they should come up with something, not a full out paid deal no, I don't mean that, but to get on my soap box the government wastes so much on crazy stuff like life on Mars?? Who cares ?? What about the lives we have right here and now on dear ol earth? That's just my beef, and like I said not complete help just a hand up or a break of somekind, cause so many suffer financially, I have lost my whole inheritance, my husband was working then he got hurt real bad and is now disabled, during that time we went thru my inheritance to live on cause I can't work, my mother is completely dependant on me, so now were down to just getting buy instead of having dreams of a new kitchen or a nice vacation, or even a decent vehicle, but I made that choice and I would change it, I think maybe a tax break would be great as a start.....jst my 2 cents....