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Re: Do the meds docs prescribe take anxiety/ panic attacks away forever?

i tend to get dizzy spells when i'm out in a store or somewhere where i think i'm tied in....espeically when i'm in line.....or with the customer service person.....i can't leave when in middle of transaction...that's when i get dizzy but also when i'm just going thru aisles of grocery store...wondering if i'll have an 'attack'. my heart has been racing lately before i go to bed...then each night i get attacks wondering if i'll have the heart racing thing each night....all this seems to be panic attack or anxiety clear cut but my doc is having blood work drawn up for me to see if it's something else......he doesn't seem willing to accept it's anxiety so i don't have the benefit from any meds yet....what do you guys prefer? xanax, paxil?