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Re: Sleeping so much, life is passing by

thanks kelley I really appreciate your sympathy. how low is your iron( hope u dont mind me asking) thats pretty bad that you sleep 20 hours a day. there are times i feel like sleeping that long and I think sometimes i would but half the time i will set my alarm after 2- 2.5 hrs. because i need to do school work and other things.I have gotten so tried in the past year i had to give up v-ball and now im giving up 4-h because i work with horses and i just cant keep up any more. i just dont have the energy anymore like i use too. when i was younger i was always running and playing, i played basketball and everything! sorry to ramble but i would do anything to feel young It is really embarrassing to be tired all the time because when i go to family outtings all i want to sleep and i feel bad even if i am sick. and then my friends r constantly like why do u sleep so much. the thing with me is i do have crohn's and a lung problems be the doctors dont think this is causing my problem. sorry i am rambling. its just feels good to have people you can talk to about these things besides your family.

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