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Re: fractured c5, c6, and c7

Hi, I am sure there is someone out there reading this thread who has had more closely an injury like yours. I fractured in 4 places my C1 on 4/09/04. I did not have surgery. This was a very bad fracture, like what people get who dive into shallow water (it's called a Jefferson burst fracture). I also suffered mild spinal damage and a significant head injury.

I am a year and 9 months post injury and I am still out of work...I am still greatly debilitated. one thing different with you and me is I could not hold my head up at all when I broke my neck, I had to bend over and walk and let the head hang down (I came off a horse and walked to the house as I was all alone, after I "came to"). Sounds like fractures lower in the neck are sure different than higher. I probably should have had a halo, but I didn't, I had a cervical collar for 8 weeks.

My thoughts to you are: first, go to the state office and get on disability and also get onto something that will help you pay the bills. You cannot afford to pay for all of this yourself, and your injuries are very drastic and you should be seen by all the docs you need to see. You can't struggle thru this yourself. You will need more MRIs and tests, etc, because the further you get from the accident, more issues will arise (in all probability). Get onto some funding...hospitals also have plans for those who have no insurance...get on Medicaid, whatever it takes. You also might need to go to physical therapy and you should perhaps see a psychologist for awhile. As was mentioned before, you cannot make surgical decisions based on your own limited knowledge and also on your finances!

Also, you are still in shock and you will understand what I mean when you are a year down the line looking back. You are not in a position to make any big decisions, so I agree also with the post that said get several opinions and be sure to find docs you trust. From what I have seen, people on Medicaid get excellent treatment, even better than those of us on insurance (or in my case, work comp). So, don't be shy, and remember to be your own advocate because no one else will!! It will be hard given your condition but try to get things lined up. Also, if you are on Medicaid, you will have a case manager who will also help you and you don't have to go it alone.

I hope this helps, and I can't stress this enough. this is a very rough road, and you have to take precautions to do what is best for you, not based on what you know and not based on your finances.

Don't worry about loss of range of motion. I lost a lot, can only move my head about 3" each way, but you get used to it and it's the least of my problems right now.

oh, one other thing. Since you broke your neck, it is possible you also suffered a concussion. Can you believe I was sent home from the hospital without anyone mentioning a concussion or head injury to me? Also sent home with NO visiting home nurse or anyone to check up on me. It took me over a month to realize that I was experiencing symptoms that lined up with a concussion, and I researched on the net to learn more. If you hit your head, please do research on that ... look up "brain injury." And see if any of the symptoms there ring a bell for you.