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Re: 1 Year Later (sore eye muscles, double vision, headaches, pressure)

Hey jeriz7 the dizzy part i dont really get, but kinda know what you mean. It was weird, i used to play video games a lot when i was like 12-18yrs old, and kinda quit playing them due to interest. My friend got that xbox 360 and my eyes felt almost cross eyed after i left from playing it for a few hours. but after i drove home they felt better and strong again lol.

the closeup thing i might know...sometimes i feel like my right eye is sharper and the left is sharp too but closer viewing...usually notice it when its dry maybe.

i think a lot has to do with the weather and winter here because at night they get dry even with ointment and as the day goes on it gets clearer...

my doc said to get .5+ computer glasses, so i went in and they let me try some lenses off the machine and hold em in front of my eyes and it wasnt worth the $100 to me...but the headaches i get suck...i just try to sit farther away and take breaks more often.

i have a good week, then a bad week...its weird. a lot is with sinus pressure too i think...i have a lot at night and it makes the headaches worse. so i take some headache pills and it helps...the eye exercises seem to help too! i close my eyes and do the fake clock from 1-2-3-4 and look as far as i can in each direction, then center. 1-center 2-center, etc. and put on this heated eye/sinus mask my mom got me...i hope my body will adjust to them and i started using eye drops more because i think they are drier than i thought...