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Re: fractured c5, c6, and c7

Thanks for all the replies. My main reason for asking if I should get a second opinion was out of the two NS that saw me. One has been wanting to do surgery from day one and the other one looked at my all my Xrays, Cat scans, and MRIs and then sent me down to see if the fractures moved when my neck moved. He then sent me home. Both of them work out of the same office. It's just strange having that much of different opinions on what to do. Even if I decide that surgery is best I won't be letting the one that wants me to have surgery do it. He hasn't once explained exactly why he wants to do surgery and what exactly he wants to do. It's always been you will have surgery and you have no choice about it. It will be with someone that I like and trust. Very important to me when I have to put my life in their hands.

The money thing doesn't really bother me that much. I'll be going in to talk to the VA tomorrow. Since I'm a veteran they should be able to help on this.