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Issues revolving around this one girl.

Well i have known her for about 3 years, but we never actually hung out, her name is Laura. We had a class together 3 years ago, and we talked a little bit, and then afterwards we stopped talking for awhile. Lately shes been randomly hugging me here and there in the hallways. Well my friend used to like her a lot, and he asked her out but she didnt accept (this was maybe 3 months ago). So lately she has been asking me to hang out with her, she put her number into my phone, and so forth.

Now my problem is that i THINK i may have a crush on her, and i probably do. But i doubt it would work out to begin with, in addition to my friend who likes her would probably hate me for quite a long time. There was another case where she dated another one of his friends instead of him, and it got pretty serious. He has been my friend for about 9 years now, if not more. Now i am pretty sure he would get really mad at me if i were to date her, considering the fact that i talk to many girls but i have only had one girlfriend. We went to see another movie last night, and alone this time (earlier it was with my friend), and she kept kind of leaning over to my side, probably expecting me to put my arm around her or something. Well last night i wasnt sure if i liked her or not, i mean i think shes kind of cute, but i didnt want to lead her on if i didnt even know my feelings. Afterwards i dropped her off and she insisted i go inside and meet her family.

So we can be very good friends, but im worried about dating her. Im not sure if i have a crush on her, if she has a crush on me (help me out, i think she does), and how my friend would react. Any advice will be appreciated.

And i realize alot of what i wrote doesnt make sense, its just a bunch of information boggled up in some random order, so if you have a question to help you help me out, let me know, ill be glad to answer it. Thanks in advance.


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