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Re: Issues revolving around this one girl.

I was in this situation with my first (and only) girlfriend. I met her through my other really good friend, possibly my second best friend just after this one im talking about, and he got really ****** off and that relationship really ruined our friendship, but we're cool again now (nothing like we used to be though). But its pretty obvious she likes me, i just wanted a second opinion to make sure its not my mind just overreacting. She came over again today, and then after i got off work she wanted to get something to eat with me.

Now i need help decephering my feelings. It might just be because i havent had more than just one girlfriend, so i may be really forcing myself to like her. Im just not sure if i could date her though, there are things i dont like about her, but there are things i do like about her. I honestly cannot make my mind up, one day im about to decide that i have a crush on her (yesterday when i made this), and then the next day i decide that it wont work and i might even be forcing myself to like her because i havent had much luck with the girls i have wanted to be with(today).

Can anyone help me out with this?