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Unhappy the never-ending divorce nightmare of my life

I've been going through a divorce since February of last year. It's been a nightmare, and the terrible things he's done to me since then have really taken a toll on me. I can't even go into detail here. However, I've finally found some peace and happiness. I'm out on my own, I've met a wonderful man who I plan to marry as soon as my divorce is final, and I can see light at the end of the tunnel...a possibility of happiness FINALLY. This is the man I wish I'd met and married 20 years ago instead of my soon to be ex husband. The thing standing in the way of my happiness is my stbx. He won't consent to the divorce, when he originally initiated it. I've spent approximately $6100 on attorney fees since the beginning of this, and I've gotten nowhere. I'm now on my second attorney, after firing the first one, who I felt did nothing for me. ALL I WANT NOW is what I'm legally entitled to, which is for my stbx to buy me out of the house we own together if he intends to stay there, and half our marital assets, which isn't even much. I don't want support from him, if he'd agree to stop seeking spousal and child support from me. Oh yes, he has an outrageous earning potential, and I make $11 an hour, and he wants spousal support from me. He also wants child support for our 14 year old daughter, who doesn't even speak to me or see me, and has had her mind so poisoned against me that she has chosen to totally alienate me as her mother. (We're trying to work through that in counseling, though, and repair the wreckage of this divorce). This is the nightmare I've lived so far. So, why won't he consent to the divorce, and let us all move forward with our lives in peace? My attorney tells me it's mostly because he doesn't want to pay me what he owes me, which is half our house and marital assets, and that this is how men act during a divorce. It started out amicable but got ugly pretty quickly, and now I'm the one suffering for it, while he has our house, our daughter, and even the remainder of my personal belongings in the house. No matter what happened between us in our marriage, there's no reason for this, and I fully believe that God will repay him for doing this to me. I also hope that God helps him live with his bitterness and anger, or helps him let go of it altogether. I only want what's legally mine, and to be free of him forever. I have no feelings or emotions for him whatsoever, and am totally ready to move on. Maybe he might even read this, since he was in the habit of posting terrible stories about me here, and the things he's suffered from me, when I'm the one who's truly suffered. Thank you for letting me vent. It's been a long time since I've been able to.

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