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Re: the never-ending divorce nightmare of my life

Well if he has custody of the minor child, regardless of if you see her or not, you are required to pay child support. I can't imagine why you would want to get out of that one given that she IS your child and needs things .. you are her mother and it is your job to help provide them.

As for spoucal support he wont get it unless he was a stay at home care giver for the last I think year or so of your relationship so I wouldnt worry about that.

As for him not wanting to give you the money for the house .. it kind of depends on what the judge thinks. Given that he is the one with custody of your daughter he may let him retain the house ... if you have enough assests to equal that value to liquidate to compensate you the aproximate value. It kind of depends.

I understand that divorce is hard ... it is never easy ... all you can do is wait it out, let your lawers talk through it. Work on your relationship with your child.

If your new man is the one then he will understand that you have to take care of your legal woes first and then be free to start a new life together.

Just my 2 cents
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