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Re: DHEA is it safe/work?

Originally Posted by Natalie00
I have asked my doc about DHEA several times and he maintains that it is unproven and doesn't think it will help, so he will not recommend it/prescribe it..however, I am desperate to try anything! I can't find any doc to help me, and I've tried. Is is safe to try DHEA on my own? I know you can buy it online. Does it interact with any meds?
What type of doctor are you seeing, is he a General Practitioner, or a MD? Based on a book I bought at the beginning of my dx, it was recommended to develop of team of doctors, therapists, etc...

If he is a regular doctor, they're training is with western meds, prescription meds. Finding a doctor who is considered somewhat alternative, trained in body wellness, like hormone & longevity, holistic, Osteopathy, or an Endocrinologist.

Have you sought out specialized doctors, yet. I know it may be hard to make that step, but it's well worth it. Do you have health insurance?

Natalie, it is wise to wait until you find a doctor who will work with you. All of my medicine is being monitered by my doctors, not one supplement or herbal have I started on my own.

Depending on your lab results, CMC, hormones levels, etc..., determines the need for different supplements. I am taking DHEA and pregnenolone, along with others based on my needs, and the dosage prescribed by my doctor.

Please be patient, keep looking, be open-minded and you will find the right doctor for you, uvm