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Re: DHEA is it safe/work?

Originally Posted by Natalie00

I am only seeing my primary care physician. I have "begged" him time and time again to send me to a specialist, but he doesn't know whee to send me. I am getting angry now. I do have insurance, but only for about six-eight more months (then I will have to buy my own). I can go onto my insurance's website and you can search for all kinds of different doctors (specialists) but I don't know what kind to look for! I looked up several infectious disease specialists but none of them treat CFS. I have no where to turn,really, and I am starting to accept that I will just feel horrible for the rest of my life, or possibly just wake up a year or five years from now and start to feel better.
Do you have to get a referral, if so, look up and see if there is an endocrinologist or osteopath doctor in your area, the first one is covered by insurance, you'll have to see if the second one qualifies, call your primary doctor up and ask to be referred out to....! Or do you have a teaching hospital close by...get referred to there ASAP. So that you will be in the right hands for treatment, don't wait, you don't have to feel horrible the rest of your life. Please trust me, uvm