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Re: DHEA is it safe/work?

Originally Posted by Natalie00
I don't need a referral as long as they are listed on my insurance companies website. There are plenty of endos I can see. Why exactly would a person with CFS benefit from seeing an endocrinologist?? I did see one a few years ago before I got mono and then CFS and my labs were normal. However, is it true that CFS can destroy the thyroid? What would I say to the endo when he/she asks why I came to see them? Also, what exactly is an osteopath and why would a person with CFS benefit seeing one?

Thanks for your help.
An Endocrinologist is specialized in the endocrine system; the group of glands and organs that make hormones. They're trained in how to treat illnesses that are complexed or involve many systems of the body like CSF.

Hormone dificiencies are a part of the underlying issues with CFS and CFIDS, getting treatment will eliminate many of the symptoms which helps make living with this illness a bit (understatement), a lot easier!

An Osteopath, is a holistic doctor, who treats the whole body, too. With a different path...alternative methods, I believe. Results are good with them, too, however, may not be covered by insurance because of the treatment protocol.

Personally, I see an Endocrinologist, and am very glad that I am, uvm