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Re: Do the meds docs prescribe take anxiety/ panic attacks away forever?

I started zoloft for panic anxiety disorder and the first couple weeks I have more anxiety and a few extra panic attacks but it was like I woke up one day and felt great! I have no had any panic attacks since then but I do have anxiety that can be bad the day before my period or the day after I drink alcohol (if I have liquer). It's been, I guess almost a year I've been on it. I have been thinking of going off but by the 3rd day I get head zaps and weird vibrations through my body so, I get back on it. I've read that it takes anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple of months to get over the withdrawl symptoms. I have a feeling that I'm going to be one of the people that will need AD's or xanax or something to keep it at bay. My boyfriend went on paxil CR for a while for his panic attacks and it went off it and it's been about 10 months and he's not have any panic, anxiety or fears at all. I don't know what it was but something just snapped in his head to where he didn't think or feel this way anymore. I wish I knew what it was but he say's he don't even know what it was... It just happened.