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could it be autism?

Anyone out there have some wisdom to share about autism?

I have a 4-year-old boy who is having some communication and behavior issues. We have difficulties with him at home, but my biggest concerns are the complaints form school.

The specific areas of concern for me are:

Speech and language delay
Reluctance even refusal to make eye contact
Resorts almost immediately to retaliation with children at school
Extreme responses to what seem like normal sounds. He will cover his ears and cry that it is too loud. (He is absolutely terrified of the washing machine is spin cycle.)
Extreme responses to minor things. (Such as my folding a slice of cheese in half instead of leaving it flat, he will become distraught and refuse to eat the "broken" cheese)

He is in speech therapy and is having success. He is very bright in many areas as well. He does simple addition already and knows 20 of the U.S. states, so he is not lacking for intelligence, but something is up with him. I would appreciate anyone sharing his or her experience and knowledge with me.

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