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Re: could it be autism?

Let me start by saying that I am no expert, but my neighbor has an autistic duaghter and this doesn't sound like her at all. It sounds more like another friend's child who has ADD, at least the noises bothering him.

He would have extreme reactions to loud sounds and busy places. When he went to the grocery store with his Mom, he would act up and become extremely agitated, but when he went with his Dad, no problem. They thought it was a parenting issue with the Mom, but it turned out that it was the noise level at the store. His Mom's schedule put them at the store during the busy times, Dad would take him during the evening when it was quieter. His doctor told them that to him, regular sounds are amplified to the extreme. No wonder the behavoir problems.

Write down all of these symptoms, then bring them up with the pediatrician.