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It's that time again for me, too...kind of scared

This last July, I had an abnormal pap that showed high-grade dysplasia. After the colposcopy, it turned out to not be so severe, and I had cryotherapy to treat it. My follow-up pap is coming up here in a few weeks. I'm so nervous... I really don't want to go through all that again. Not that it especially hurt a lot or anything, it was just uncomfortable and scary. (Not to mention kind of expensive and I don't have insurance.)

How many of you out there had a normal pap following cryo or a LEEP? I'm feeling really down about all of this because I know that I could have normal paps for a while, but then it could start up again. It's like I'm never going to feel at ease about it because I know it can pop up again at literally any time. Anybody have any reasurrance?

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