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Re: pain under rib cage

Christy - I had this too - for me it was the baby - I carried her really high since the early days.... I am now 33 weeks and once in awhile it gets better - but not too often.... I was doing good for a couple of days/to a week and tonight it started in again.

Sometimes though when I take Phayzme anti gas gel caps and or zantac it helps - I don't know if I have too much gas in my stomach at times and it makes her go higher toward my rib cage or what - but that works for me SOMETIMES....

But = be sure to tell your Doc on the next visit or if your next appt. isn't for a while - please be sure to call and maybe get in for a quick visit. Phone consults never put me at ease.... I like to be there in person to speak with, Doc, nurse, midwife who ever.

XXOO Friday