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Re: Pins and needles numb hand and numb feet

Just back from taking my Aunt to her X's Family Viewing. They were divorced but they still loved each other. They were oil and water, they were usually at each other. But after the divorce they became better friends and neither remarried. They were committed in the hearts. That was a major stressor. Feet went pins and needles a few times, had to sit down.

Jeanne, I checked Folgard (B12,B6,FolicAcid) I had not taken in last several weeks. Thought I was probably getting enough with all my other supplements. Pulled folgard on net and read that it can cause pins and needles. So I guess I won't take anymore of that. I go back Mon and will ask them what to try.

Jules, I have noticed that after use, whatever area I was using is the one to go pins and needles. But sometimes it happens when theres been no use. So Who Knows. The inside of my head frequently feels like someone has a can of aresol spray expanding foam with the straw stuck in my ear going into my head. I guess inside all that is the Pea Fog Soup. I have got to get to the store to get some peppermint tea. I will let you know when I get it.

Angels watching over you both, Marsha