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Re: Online Dating and "Guy Quality"

Originally Posted by Ruby13
I met my fiance online, so it's not always just sex. What I did was find guys who had sincere sounding profiles and contacted them, rather than responding to the ones who picked me. I think the just-looking-for-sex guys are a little more aggressive, so just like in real life, if you're sitting back and waiting to be contacted, your more likely to get the players.
Really?? Wow, that is very interesting. My experience with online dating was that the guys whom I contacted myself never seemed to pan out. They were too sure of themselves since they already knew I was interested in them. My friend said the same thing. Hmm, I guess it could go both ways. It just always worked better for me when the guy was the first one to contact me. Still, I never had one good relationship from online dating. The men I dated long term and had strong bonds with were met in person. But there are some people I know who did meet their boyfriends and even husbands online, so it's all a matter of luck.

Also, one thing I noticed is that the same guys are on these sites for years and years. How is that possible that they don't ever find someone compatible???

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