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Re: what to do....????

Hi... you should get a test asap! I had cramps for weeks and just figured my period was coming. Like yours, it never did! My period was a little over 2 weeks late when I took my home preg. test. It was positive so I took the other (test came with two... was only like $12) the next morning and that was positive too. I called the dr. thinking I would have to go in to take a test there to confirm everything, but they said since I took 2 and they were both positive, there was no need to come in to take a test... I was definitely pregnant. Apparently the home tests can be false negative, but not false posistive. It was the freakiest thing seeing "pregnant" on the test with no "not" before it! Very scary but soooooooo exciting. So get a test soon and keep us posted! Good luck!!

BTW, Kayla is going to be our baby's name if we have a girl!!!