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Precum on the outside?

Hi, quick question for ya:

My girlfriend really messed up her birthcontrol, and she stopped taking it for the remainder of the month. It was the end of the second week when she took her last pill I think. Anyways we have had sex using condoms throuhout this time to thwart any kind of chance of pregnancy. Problem being, now that I think about it, before there is actual penetration, there was a lot of genital to genital contact w/ precum involved. There was no penetration though w/o a condom. I guess it seems that some precum on the outside of the vagina could get her pregnant (if the precum did actually contain sperm) even from the outside of the vagina. I guess is this something that could produce a large change at pregnancy? She is waiting for a little to take the pregnancy test. So I am just asking this in the mean time of the likelyhood of such a situation?

thanks ahead of time

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