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Lightbulb Re: Medicaid and SSI denied..?

Originally Posted by prjr99
My question is this... if you have DS, are you automatically entitled to SSI and medicaid no matter what type of income your family makes?

My family's having problems with that. Not because they make too much money, but because my dad receives Social Security money for his own disability and they denied my sister's claim (she has down syndrome) for SSI... for reasons I don't understand because our income isn't high at all. My mom isn't very helpful about the whole situation. We moved to Florida about a year ago and no health insurance company will have someone with Down Syndrome

we need Medicaid and SSI, but I've heard so many things I don't know what to believe anymore about this. Anyone got any suggestions?
I live in FLA and have been denied once, am appealing it and if get denied again will get a lawyer. The lawyer only takes a cut from the 1st payment from SSI,if you win. Try It. Good Luck