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Re: Anyone Want To Play Connect The Dots With My Problems?

At first when I was reading your list of symptoms, I suspected that you might of been "gifted" or intellectually gifted(which means you have a higher than normal IQ) which would explain the isolation and the oversensitivity. However you said you were bad with math(past the elementary mathematics), so I suspect you're just really good at talking and communicating and using words.

My diagnosis:
You sound like somewhat overly sensitive(not overly sensitive in the bad sense, but just more sensitive then what's normal) and somewhat withdrawn individual which is common for introverts. Usually someone who is an introvert only has very few friends, but whom are very close which is what popped in my mind when you mentioned your very close high school friend. Also introverts typically need a lot of time alone to "recharge" in a sense.
To find out for sure whether or not you maybe an introvert; why don't you find an online personality profile test to see exactly what personality type you are. I think that might provide a lot of insight into yourself.

But... if you still feel like your personality type isn't a valid explanation - You should see a counsellor and maybe she/he can tell exactly what's happening. Most of the users online can only get a rough estimate of what's going on with you, and not being trained professionals, the best you're probably going to get is a guess.

I'm thinking, maybe at most, you may have shyness and if you're shy enough, you may have social anxiety disorder. But I have my doubts that you have social anxiety disorder.

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