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Re: the never-ending divorce nightmare of my life

Well, here's an update, not that anyone has bothered to read this but...vent, I will. I got engaged on New Year's Day. It was a huge surprise for me and a very happy one, but I'm so frustrated because we can't even set a date yet or start planning. My next court date with my stbx is the first week in February, so I hope that moves things along a little more. He's just being so unreasonable, and I can't imagine why he'd want to stay married just so he can get out of paying me only what I'm entitled to. It doesn't make sense. Like I said, it's never-ending. Why prolong it? Doesn't he want to move on with his life as well? Why keep paying attornies? My fiance said he'll pay attornies for the next 20 years if he has to, because my stbx has to be paying his as well. How stupid and spiteful, when we could be saving for our wedding, and a house. Thanks for "listening."