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in need of some reassurance..:(

hi girls, most of you know my issues that have been going on the last week and a half or so. Im just so uncontrollably nervous, ALL the time. I mean, I am 17 weeks pregnant, I have had cramps and a lower back ache for a straight week scares me to death. And now, I have like a cramping and pressure when I bend down, or try to get up from sitting or laying, when i lift up my legs, or even when i press on my lower belly. I dont know what else to do, ive seen my dr. 3 TIMES in the past week, I went on medication for a small infection around my uterus, and that should be cleared up by now since im done with the antibiotic. I just dont know why im cramping, my doctor says it may be my pelvic kidney, or it could be ligaments, but I just dont understand how something can hurt so bad for so long and there NOT be anything wrong??? I break down like at least once a day even though i've seen the baby on u/s i just feel like this pain isn't normal especially since its not going doctor is honestly TIRED or hearing from me, he told me its just something ive got to deal i walk out of there crying cause i feel like he doesn't give a ****...hes just not very convincing. Has anyone been through this before? any advice? I just want to know if im normal or not, its bothering me so much. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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