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Re: in need of some reassurance..:(

Well if the cramping and back ache is anything like mine there is probably nothing wrong with you other than your pregnancy. I have had the worst backache for about 2 months(im 26weeks) and with no signs of letting up. And the cramping scared me to, mine also had bouts of ligament pain with it. I would just chalk it up to you are going to be having a growing spurt soon, or you are going through one. I have my back pain probably because of how the baby is laying and how I stand now to support my new belly. Ironically it started just about the time I started showing so I was growing and adjusting my body and didnt even realize it. But I would go for a second opinion if it makes you feel more comfortable. My doctor is pretty much like yours, sometimes they need to realize that they see this everyday but we are going through it for the first, or second time. They can be pretty "oh no big deal". Just because you start out with a doctor doesnt mean you have to stay with him. If you dont feel comfortable with him switch. Just think of how you will feel with him during labor if you are going to trust him or not.
Good luck