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Re: in need of some reassurance..:(

I'm 17 weeks and am going through the same cramping and aches that you are. Especially right after I urinate - when I stand up to pull my pants back up it feels really tight right above my pubic bone. I saw my Dr. for my monthly check-up on Monday and she says everything is just fine. Plus if I plop myself down on my office chair too hard I notice everything tightens up. And it hurts just to press on my tummy - again, Dr. said everything is okay. On top of it all I've been bleeding the whole way through and only have a 'maybe it's because of this...' explanation for it! So, yeah, I totally empathize with you!! My mind can just go off like you would not believe (well, I guess you would believe). I think I am starting to feel baby now, and can't wait until I know for sure that's what I'm feeling. Hopefully it will provide some reassurance. Or maybe just give me a whole new thing to stress and worry about!! LOL Good luck - you are not alone (or crazy)!!