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Re: Any Papillary cancer people out there?

I'm new here also. I was diagnosed with Hashi's and papillary cancer in early November. They left a small part of one lobe. My TSH is at 1.46 at the moment. From reading this board, I am right in assuming I want that to go down to .1-.3?? At 1.46 I'm still feeling awful with exhaustion, fatigue and aches and what you guys call bone pain. My Synthroid dosage is at .88. I have more bloodwork in 3 weeks. I must make a list of questions for my doctor.
Can you tell me why it's important to know about the T3 and T4? I don't quite understand that.
I am baffled by the seeminging non concern of my doctor about the pap. cancer. Even with a 10 year survival rate of 99%, I haven't been lucky in one of these areas yet. None of us who have been diagnosed with cancer have been lucky honestly, have we?
Plus I just read a new paper issued in December that states papillary cancer is more aggressively metatastic than previously thought and that it's recurrance rate is higher with a higher fatality rate. Anyone else read this? Again, that isn't great news she says sarcastically.

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