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Re: What kind of questions


I had my husband come with me to all my appts that he could. So he came with me to all of my I think it was begining 4 or 5. But he's in the military so he was able to especially with this being our first child. But, he came with me to get the pap. Trust me it's good if you dont like getting them done, it's support there if he's there. Ummm, the best type of questions to ask if you have any are just simply anything you think is important. There is no such thing as a stupid question, the only stupid questions are the questions that dont get asked. If you have concerns about how you are feeling ask about em, if your husband has any questions have him ask!! Trust me all these things will help in the long run. I'm learning now (that I'm having some problems) to really ask every question over every ache and pain. LoL. I hope this helps.