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Brother with Down Syndrome

Hi everyone,

I just want to say how appauled I am with some of the posts under this topic. Some of you act like your going to have a baby with 600 heads. My brother has down syndrom and he is the best person in the world, you won't find anyone as caring, hard working and sweet as him. I honestly couldn't picture my life without him.

Why is getting rid of a baby with Downs even an option? This makes me sick. I saw someone post "I know with that I can't afford big hospital bills for a child with down syndrome." Hospital bills? They are human too! ANY baby can have something that requires hospital bills. For all of those that had "pre screening" and are scared because your doctor said your child might have down symdrom and don't want to have it, SHAME on you. What is wrong with you? I can see if you're scared or nervous because my parents were too, but you learn how to care for a child with down, plus the fact that they are the cutest babies in the world!! Those who want to abort a child with downs shouldn't be allowed to have ANY children, that is terrible and it hurts to think people are that insensitive. Sorry for going on, but I just needed to share my opinion. And for those of you that are scared and nervous and decide to have your baby after "pre screening" I can give you mine or my moms e-mail and you can speak with us about having a child with downs syndrome.

To those who have a downs baby, congrats and God bless!


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